Words to share on Happy FM (90.1) with Jan Potter, 15th March 2022

Curmudgeon Creep

It catches most I think

That tendency to reject

That which has become fashionable.

The young full of vim

Certain of what they know

Disparaging of older demographics.

It happens to you

And to me

And it will to them.

But frustrating it can be

When you think ‘like what’?

That makes no sense.

Fillers in language

Are common to all

At times so redundant.

‘Actually’ a case in point

‘Literally’ used too frequently

And often inappropriately.

But beware of being perceived

As a member of the ‘Language Police’

For words are never static.

Morph and change they do

A term for illness

Redefined as praise.

Technology creating more

‘Swipe Right’ we must

And accept these changes.

Brian Matthews, 17-2-22


Such a shock to read

‘Dying dad’s dreams for children’

Amidst so many other dire headlines

But closer to his parents’ hearts.

His Mum sends a clipping photo

I pull over to access the message

Thinking my wife has another shopping request

Instead this smotes my eye and heart.

 A balanced human interest tale

Some inaccuracies but nothing huge

But that headline drags me down

Uncovers despair so carefully hidden.

Hiding from the world’s horrors

Commonplace for me now

Flooding beyond belief,

Bombs falling on the innocent again.

This headline tears at me

Removing carefully constructed barriers

Reminding me of the odds against him

The battle far from won.

Remembering the little boy

With so many dreams and hopes

‘A glass half full’ type of person

Faced now with ravaged landscape.

And yet he battles on

Hiding that which might concern us

A heavy burden for his loving wife

Dealing with the daily slog.

Grief, a major downside of love

Uncertainty, aggravating this no end

For her the road so bumpy

Shaken to her core but on she goes.

As family and friends stand by

Little to do that can help

But unlike most headlines

Turning away is not possible.

Brian Matthews, 3-3-22

A Friends Concern

Phone call from a friend

Reminding not all is well

With his health

And flooded city.

His call to check on me

Hearing news of my son

His travails and prospects

Not cause to wave flags.

It is heartening

That people see beyond themselves

Worrying about friends distant

When for them far from ideal.

There is little more we can often do

Than show our concern for others

Empathising with their plight

Listening to their troubles.

But how important this is

To show our love

And that we’ve not forgotten

The ties that bind so deeply.

In a plague ridden world

Full of pain and military atrocities

The compassionate hearts beat still

Heads rear above the parapets.

The human spirit soars

Even through floods and war

Individuals seek each other out

Comfort given is comfort received.

Brian Matthews, 7-3-22

Sitting Quietly

Here I sit quietly

Listening to wind chimes

And the whoosh of the air

The crisp patter of dog claws.

Never is all silent

Nor everywhere still

Motion the universal entity

All vibrating until absolute zero.

And where does that exist?

In the vastness of space for sure,

The vacuum enveloping all

But still stars bleed warming light.

And I just sit here

With the luxury of naught to do

Contemplating a growing navel

Thoughts whirling endlessly.

Knowing that the respite is brief

That soon complex issues will rise

Challenging the peace again

Ensuring I don’t turn to stone.

Brian Matthews, 8/3/22

Another Loss

The axe falls again

News of another loss

Another pall descends.

Grief seems a magnet

For other ills

Attracting the worst.

I watch my dearest

Reel yet again

Her heart so sad.

Uplifting news needed

But all seems soiled

Blown in on a bitter wind.

Little good does it do

To remind of the cycle of life

When loss seems so pervasive.

We know new life will come

Different joys to explore

While the shadows overwhelm us.

We wait for the sun to rise

To throw its rays our way

Reminding us of these joys.

Brian Matthews, 10-3-22

People Gather

When tragedy hits

The people gather,

To lend a hand

To listen to a tale,

To share food and music.

We are social creatures

Creating communities here and there,

Shaping these groups

Into sound bases

For emotional support.

Yesterday I viewed this

Close at Hand

A community supporting

Music, song and celebration

So many kind hearts.

A talented musician

Travels so far

As do many family

And close friends

The children play and dance.

Blessed I am I think

To have a son so humble and caring

And a community that polishes that shine

Both in their words

And so many deeds.

And some adults dance too

All uplifted by their part

A chance to see and be seen

All enjoy the song and good cheer

And the happy memories made.

Brian Matthews, 14/3/22

Dedicated to:

  • The Rendlesham (South Australia) and surrounding community
  • Kim Churchill
  • Team Matthews
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