Words to share on Happy FM (90.1) with Jan Potter, 15th February 2022

Another Day

And now the weather

Remindful of Queensland

Humidity so high

Sweat drips easily.

Not surprising now

After so much rain

Sun peeking around the clouds

Heating the land.

A good day for the beach

But work beckons

Then tired from the effort

And other tasks call.

So often that happens

A perfect day present

But other things compete

Go with the flow we must.

If truth be told

A beach day possible

But that would allow

Too much time to think.

Occupying self important

When worries lurk

Even though we know

Action can these avert.

Not that the problems disappear

For some things cannot

But taking a step

Sometimes soothes emotions.

When the step instead

Turns to a stumble

At least the effort made

That will have to suffice.

So let’s talk weather

A neutral topic

Always available and free

To be shared with others.

Brian Matthews, 24-1-22

Another Anniversary

Another anniversary it is

The 22nd this time

How have things changed

Since the last?

Considerably more turmoil

Loss of siblings for both

And a mother farewelled

A son sorely afflicted.

Limped on we have

Relationship straining too often

Sharing not enough

Bows drawn in angst.

Life’s constant challenge

Shapes us sorely

And yet we survive

No other option clear.

I’ve loved you another year

And felt the love from you

Fragments of this

Buried deep in both.

No matter what the future holds

I think we both embrace

Dreams of better times

Songs we both can share.

Sharing our concerns

Must be the way ahead

In solitude little is learned

I choose you instead.

Brian Matthews, 27/1/22

A Nice Change

Away on a holiday

A change of scene

Camping yet again

More prepared now.

Near the Murray

A pleasant camping site

Now that school holidays over

A much quieter space.

A cosy, cosy tent

A screen tent as well

More space than before

And friends to share with.

Cooler than planned

But warming soon

A strange summer

La Niña I’m told.

Walks and talks

Meals and conversations

Eating under the sky

To bed so early.

It makes a nice change

From the usual routines

Feeds the wanderlust

Refreshes the spirit.

Reminds us of the comfort

Of our lovely home

And gives chances to look

At sights that never grow old.

The Murray is in my blood

As near its banks I was born

Pelicans soaring above

A punt to cross its cloudy waters.

In its waters I first ventured

Before a beach I even saw

Swam across it in my youth

Though not tempted to now.

A week away it seems

A good idea for us

Both keen for a break

And to enjoy simple pleasures.

Brian Matthews, 2-2-22

Soothing Sounds

All asleep bar me

But heading that way soon

Mainly silence in this spot

Occasional bird and insect noise.

But soft snoring on my left

And from the camp on my right

Enjoying the stereophonic effect

A relaxing sound for me.

An occasional vehicle rumbles

On the road nearby

Distant sounds of the punt

Operational all night.

As I prepare to sleep

Disrobing in a soft light

Careful not to disturb

My purring wife and dog.

And then settling in

Wriggling to find that sweet spot

Thoughts flitting around

Drifting into deep sleep.

And then the silence absolute

As into dreamland I drift

A kick of the legs

As the body relaxes.

Before I know it

Sounds start again

The birds heralding the day

Early risers pottering around.

And up to face the day

Little on the agenda

Some reading and walking

Maybe some water play.

This is the life

Away from the usual demands

The pressure cooker vents

And leaves a settling rhythm.

Brian Matthews, 6-2-22

Better  News

So better news it is

At last treatment having effect

All so relieved

Battle front shifted forward.

We all know though

The fight still ongoing

Left with fatigue and nausea

Restrictions on daily life.

Some light from tunnel’s end

A long distance travelled

Still further to go

But flames of hope fanned.

Fingers and toes crossed

Hoping for that day

When experts smile

At treatment’s success.

 Brian Matthews, 6-2-22

Fun for All

Wind seemingly ever present

Though lulls do occur

Warmth in a stiff breeze

Too hot in the sun.

Water activities in the offing

A kayak in the river

Tipping seems inevitable

And the spluttering to follow.

But all will be in fun

Laughing part of the deal

Engaging with the elements

Enjoying the sun that shines.

We never really grow up

But older we surely get

Fewer risks taken

The body not as agile.

But fun can be had

No matter the age

Goalposts gradually shifting

Sights slightly lowered.

Brian Matthews, 6-2-22


Extended our holiday

Enjoying the serenity

Not reminded of duties

Satisfying selves all there is.

Strange it seems to me

That in the comfort of home

Reminders always exist

Of chores necessary.

A different place

Strangers all around

Places new and revisited

A novel type of peace.

But pressures do mount

Gradually but surely

Reminding self that some chores

Are things we want to do.

A break is always good

Removing one from routines

Reminding of the joy there is

In the little things in life.

Brian Matthews, 11-2-22


Some changes are good

With many we’re torn

Remembering how it was

Not long after we were born.

Of some things, of course

We can be so sure

That things will move on

Motives not always so pure.

These features of life

Never remain still

Though some of the movement

Regret we truly will.

But the pendulum swings

Back and still forth

Until old things become new

Human nature such a force.

The older I get

The more I’m bemused

Better I suppose

Than being confused.

Brian Matthews, 12-2-22

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