Words to share on Happy FM (90.1) with Jan Potter, 17th January 2022

The Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan

Just hanging around

Gathering dust and cobwebs

Little used though new year near.

How must it feel

Despairing at its lack of use

Awaiting inevitable discomfort

The need to relieve the heat felt.

It had one job

And nature glitches

Throwing a real curve ball

Delaying eventual engagement.

Brian Matthews- 27-12-21

To the Beach

Down at the beach

Families flocking to the water

The day hot and humid

Clouds taking the bite from the sun.

All ages mingled

Teenagers strut on the pontoon

Children and elders in the shallows

Kayaks litter the beach.

All having fun

Sandcastles rising steadily

A frisbee flies overhead

Many lounging and reading.

Blessed we are in this land

With sandy beaches aplenty

Just waiting for the days to warm

And schools to close.

And between these busy times

Long stretches of sand

With nary a person seen

Solitude a balm for the spirit.

The steady move of the water

Dolphins feeding and playing

Dog walkers regular users

Scattering the seagulls.

Large bodies of water

A magnet for all ages

A balm for jagged nerves

And the energy of youth.

Brian Matthews, 12-1-22

Endless Questions

The mind swirls

With little to engage it

Things to do, of course,

A family visit soon.

A day at the beach coming

Watching children play

Testing the cool water

Digging and splashing.

But endless questions float

Bounced around by experience

Challenging my contemplation

No answers emerging.

How soon will it be

That a clear picture emerges

A future landscape mapped

Hills and troughs emerging?

There are some times

When all seems a haze

Shapes ahead formless

Fear gripping the heart.

Knowing that tomorrow

May change this all

As answers emerge

The scene completed.

Brian Matthews, 10-1-22

Hidden Treasures

A drive through the country

Some so very familiar

But now in unknown territory

So close but not seen before.

Morning tea with friends

A tour of a lush property

A quirky house

Such beautiful gardens.

How many paradises lurk?

Hidden from constant view

Occupants feasting on privacy

Occasionally sharing with others.

No two the same

Each following the whims

Of those who own them

Their interests the focus.

But all enjoy I think

Showing what’s created

Little pieces of themselves

Shining brightly through.

And always plans for more

Ideas of more additions

Changes in the landscape

Refining the dwellings.

Paradise so rarely static

Changes invigorate all

New scenarios develop

Tumbling from fertile minds.

Brian Matthews, 12-1-22

The Beach Again

Only yesterday here

With other grandchildren

This day sun blazing

And more breeze.

Shelters haphazardly spread

Across the sand

No space underneath the jetty

Filled with loungers and children playing.

Many more in the water

A cool escape from the heat

A kite surfer active

Others floating and swimming.

The sand castles ever present

Laughing children abound

Their elders admiring

The energy of youth.

But all ages benefitting

From the relief given

By the cooling water

And the rhythm it contains.

The time to leave

Comes quickly it seems

As other needs intrude

And the trip home begins.

Not without treasures found

Amongst the fine white sand

Pretty shells and rocks

Remindful of the day of pleasure.

Brian Matthews, 12-1-22

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