Words to share on Happy FM with Jan Potter, 21st December 2021

Family Fun

A game on the lawn

Wooden cylinders standing

Each with a number on top

A separate cylinder to throw.

The aim to reach a score,

Young boy excited

Adults joining in

All enjoying the challenge.

The sun shining on all

The laughs and squeals aboun

‘Hit the two Oma’

Cheers when she succeeds.

An hour and more passes,

All playing and engaged,

Until the uninvolved little one cries

And we all call it a day.


The Wandering Mind

The mind wanders

From here to there

Touching on this

Exploring that thing

And off again

Trawling through memories

Exploring future possibilities

Wasting time, or not?

Our minds rarely empty

Synapses constantly busy

Exploring the present

Reviewing the past.

Some of this brings joy

And some regret

Loved ones always there

Aspirations another constant.

World events impinge

Told of these we must know

And yet so little we each can do

To shape the clouds.

As tempests build

We choose how we’ll react

Bunker down and pray

Or take another step.

Knowing that what counts

Is our own integrity

Reaching out to others

Planning for a better day.

Brian Matthews, 13-12-21

The Whys

The corellas screech

Soaring through the skies

Resting in the trees

Despoiling shiny cars.

They were not so plentiful

In years gone by

But now they flock

And roam the surrounds.

A desert bird originally

Moving into suburbs

Plaguing small towns

Disturbing those asleep.

No easy answer

To their control

Leaving me wondering

What brought this change?

Change ripples across the lake

Of time and experience

Without clear connections

Between then and now.

Brian Matthews, 13-12-21

To Conversate

To share a conversation

Hopes and dreams

Fears and failures.

There are so many words

Shared between friends

Intimacy adds another layer.

Transparency hard to achieve

When life has so many masters

Ideals to be upheld.

Maybe this needs redefining

To address the essence

Another word to capture more.

One suggestion is conversate

Maybe just an informal way

Of describing an interaction.

Or possibly more than that

Actively participating in what’s said

Avoiding secret veils.

And listening so important

Unpacking the meaning

Connecting with the inner self.

Possibly this could mean more

Actively participating in the words

Searching for real depth.

Any exchange of words

Brings potential for change

When barriers are dropped.

Viewing the landscape ahead

When ideas resonate

A path worthy of pursuit.

Brian Matthews, 20-12-21

To Mask or Not?

Masking our faces

A sign of fear

Or a positive action?

No answer emerges

As viewing angles shift

Based on one’s beliefs.

Risk aversion is common

Avoiding that which tempts fate

Taking the safer path.

But many too are foolhardy

Ignoring looming consequences

Until the axe falls.

Balance seems the way

To risk that which appears

The cloud looming ahead.

Hindsight a great teacher

Once the die is still

The evidence before you.

The matter then sorted

The obvious then apparent

The way things are.

No matter the wisdom

Discrepancies always appear

Becoming fodder for some.

Trust in authorities

Such a rarity now

Feeding widespread dissension.

Grayness rolls across the land

Filling each crevice

Obscuring the black and white.

Leaving families split

Friendships torn apart

All casualties, no heroes.

Brian Matthews, 20-12-21

Tasks Done

The sweat runs

Down the brow

Into the eyes,

A sign of labour.

How many drops

Have there been?

Litres and litres

Over the years.

Hard work benefits

Not only the job done

But the mind of the doer

Satisfying an ever present need.

To be useful,

To achieve things

Jobs big and small

Necessary, and sometimes not.

But in the minds of people

These tasks are required

Promoting routine and comfort

Not to be sneered at.

Those things truly needed

Provide the most acclaim

While the smaller items

Smooth the day.

Brian Matthews 14-12-21

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