Words to share on Happy FM (90.1) with Jan Potter, 12th April 2022

Audio recording of conversation and poetry reading

Timing So Cruel

It’s hard to believe

Life can be so unjust

Another brother gone

My wife appalled.

Mortality rears its head

As it surely must

For all must tread this path

No matter who they are.

But sometimes fate determines

A gruelling schedule of events

Not allowing some to recover

Before the next blow falls.

Little can be done

To make those sorely affected

Achieve an even keel

Waves slamming them.

Eventually a calm will settle

Time all wounds heal

Scars run deep though

Reminding of those lost.

Brian Matthews, 25-3-22

Precious Moments

Time spent with loved ones

Can be so precious

Some more so than others

But every moment important.

We never know what will be

Which times will be remembered

And which will disappear

Our capacity to recall limited.

Sometimes someone will say

Remember, you told me this

And you just might think

Did I say that, am I so wise?

Rarely will others remind you

Of foolish things said

Though silly things done

Can become a family legend.

It is a real privilege

To share innermost thoughts

Not knowing when the chance

Will happen by again.

Usually we all assume

There’s plenty of time

To do it all again

Until there’s not.

Brian Matthews, 25/3/22


I wish that I could be

As full of life

As once I was.

At this moment though

That is not to be

Surrounded by despondency.

Just one of those cycles

I try to convince myself

But there’s more than that.

Pressure to make a decision

One not wanted

The bright side of life elusive.

I do not want to be here

I’ve had enough

Just let me be life.

I’ve been here before

I know all will change soon

But for now I despair.

Brian Matthews, 1-4-22

Yoga with Hannah

Breathing in and out

Moving parts of the body

Making such stylised movements

Clearing the mind.

Yoga not for everyone

And in the past I felt

Like a pat routine

But now it helps.

A very good instructor

Evolving the process

Adjusting the moves

Adapting to the group.

Movement so important

To those of all ages

Ageing such a challenge

Faced by all in time.

Being proactive important

To meet bodily changes

Overcoming creeping inertia

The body no longer as willing.

Refreshed I always feel

At testing the limits

Clearing the mind

Encouraging more flexibility.

Thankful I am

For her open face

Radiating warmth and acceptance

Soothing words a balm.

Brian Matthews, 5/4/22


Loneliness can be complex

Not just sitting alone

So often a mindset

Related to choices.

If we choose to be alone

It can be such a joy

If not a choice

It can be so painful.

Most tend to turn

From the neediness

Of someone begging

For a little company.

But for those sensitive

To the pain of others

It is a signal

That action’s needed.

Just a little time

A chat, a coffee

Some shared experience

Can be such a comfort.

For we never know

When the need will emerge

For time with others

A balm to our soul.

It takes so little

And can mean so much

To be seen

To be truly heard.

Brian Matthews, 10-4-22

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