Some bad news about my poetry readings.

Had a phone call today to advise that I would not be doing readings on Happy FM community radio anymore. The Presenter of the segment has fallen out with management and has stepped away from her regular commitments for what sounded to me like very good reasons. So I guess my main avenue for distributing my writing, poetry and thoughts will be this blog.

So, a few poems that I have written recently, posted from Maryborough Victoria (Australia). Apparently, Mark Twain visited here once and described the place as a town attached to a railway station as during the Gold Rush and after, this rural city was the transport hub for this part of the world. The railway station has been maintained and is a beautiful piece of architecture (see photo below)

I did have a fair break in writing for most of January this year, but felt I had to write a poem to celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary with my beloved Barbara.

Anniversary 2023

A cloudy day dawns
The heat hiding again
A perfect meal yesterday 
To celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

23 years married today
28 since we shared our lives
So much water under the bridge
More than our share of damaging debris. 

Good times aplenty there’ve been
Laughter with friends and family 
A home made together 
A community embraced and shared. 

There will be good times this year 
Fun with those we love
Hugs and kisses given and received 
Travel to places unseen. 

Life has so many unknowns 
I’m glad I face these with you
Knowing you have my back
And a future we can plan together. 

What is love?
A question often touted 
Trusting another at its core
As I do with you. 

Another year we will have
Learning more about each other 
A journey never quite complete
But love you I do and always will. 

Brian Matthews, 29/1/23

While camping in Corowa (New South Wales) exploring the interesting and recently flooded border river district with the River Murray separating the states of NSW and Victoria, I wrote this poem

Rambling Thoughts 

A lovely warm day
A long way from home
But the corellas still here
Many different birds though. 

The Murray so flooded
Signs of high water in the fences 
Roads so damaged 
Green grass out of season. 

And the mozzies bite
Breeding away in the waters
Ready for their next offering 
Another bunch of mammals. 

Likely a long time now
Before the next big flood 
Though hard to tell
What the future will bring. 

40 years since the Murray swelled 
To the levels recently seen
And so much drought since
Who knows what will next appear. 

Our climate under siege 
Consumerism so rife
Poison pumped into the air
And we all share the blame. 

One day our descendants will ask
Why were we so wasteful? 
How could we not see
The consequences of our actions?

Brian Matthews, 6-2-23

And a few days later I wrote this one:

The birds

The birds in the morning
Harsh cries of the parrots 
Carroling of the magpies 
Sweet songs of smaller birds. 

The morning so still
Dew still on the ground
Before the rising sun
Melts it all away. 

A very warm day ahead
But still cool now
Kookaburra laughs resound
As I drink my coffee. 

A day of touristing ahead
To places not seen before
The birds doing their thing
While we do ours. 

Brian Matthews, 8-2-23

And two days later after a phone call to a friend, this poem appeared:

Supporting Others 

I wish I could cheer up
My dear friend far away
Words just not cutting it
When feeling so unwell. 

Maybe if I remind him
Of the good times past
Or happy events still to come
But all seems trite at times like this. 

When the body does not work
In the ways it should 
When pain or discomfort dominate 
Leaving little to enjoy. 

Company or conversation 
May help to ease the soul
Though sometimes not
Pretending becomes burdensome. 

Someone caring may help
Though not if this becomes 
An exercise in making them feel better 
As it so often does. 

Being supportive has some rules
Listening rather than telling 
Opening to the feelings 
Avoiding unhelpful comparisons. 

Worrying about loved ones
A part of being human
Knowing that all is never
Smooth sailing through life. 

Feeling helpless a part of this
Since magic wands are absent 
No easy fix for many things 
Illness and ageing always lurking. 

But one thing is certain 
That we all need our oases
Safe places where we’re not judged
People who respect our wishes. 

Brian Matthews, 10-2-23

And then, watching a man in the distance mowing his lawn, another Haiku appeared:

The man mows his lawn
Early, the hot day to come –
The hat a big help

Brian Matthews, 10-2-23

Until the next instalment …….

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