Some poetry and thoughts

As there is a break in my regular poetry readings, I thought I’d put up a few things that I have written with a bit of commentary.

Christmas was a tough time for my family; the first since we lost our beloved Sam, and some of us (including me) got a dose of Covid-19 as an added feature. The first time for me, though most others have had it before. I certainly found it a levelling experience, not as bad as some flus I’ve had in the past but the aching and lack of motivation were debilitating for a time. Not too many respiratory symptoms for me, though a croaky throat still persists.

So, I wrote the following poem about Covid for Christmas:

An Unwelcome Present

So, Covid for Christmas 
No joy in that
The sniffles and aches 
Coughing and low energy. 

Day 4 now and still 
The symptoms persist 
Though managed by pills
And enforced rest. 

I’ve had worse in the past 
Or so I think
But probably best not to compare 
Until it’s run its course. 

The strangest feeling yet
Like a good kick to the crotch
Part of the aches and pains 
All effects very individual. 

My wife coughing more
And losing her taste 
While I just doze
And self dose for the headaches. 

But, marginally better today 
And hopefully all good soon 
Thankful that not badly affected 
As so many have been. 

Brian Matthews, 30-12-22

A few days after Christmas we finally had some very hot weather and I had to write about this as the strange weather patterns in Australia persist. In line with recent patterns, summer then disappeared again but has made a few comebacks since and I even got slightly sunburnt yesterday after a few hours at the local beach and inadequate sunscreen application. This doesn’t happen to me often as I have olive skin from some of my Maltese ancestors and I usually carefully apply lots of sunscreen and keep out of the sun at the worst times. But, I usually don’t sit on the beach for hours without a tshirt and so the back, stomach, and shoulders are smarting a little.

Summer’s Finally Here

The temperature in the high 30s
The heat creeping in everywhere 
Not until after Christmas 
But arriving at last. 

Young grandkids on a bouncy castle
Able to turn the water on finally 
Exhausting themselves bouncing
Sliding and splashing, of course. 

Energy gone after a few hours
As the peak of the heat reached
Watermelon and drinks not enough 
The cool of the house sought. 

After some lunch, a nap/rest
The batteries will recharge 
The outside sought again 
And so the cycle goes. 

Brian Matthews, 27-12-22

And, as seems to happen with me recently, I had a brief Haiku spurt. one prompted by my 6 year old grandson Jack’s fixation on a new device he received recently and the second from the observation of our old dog, Riley’s, clear disdain for the high level activity of our grandchildren:

Concentration deep
Staring at the device’s screen –
But still shares his score 

The old small dog rests
Watching the children askance  –
When will peace return

I think Riley’s expression and body language says it all

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