A poem in response to a Min Min Challenge

So, offering a poem in response to Doug’s challenge using the prompt word ‘cancellation’


Cancellation, a word so fine
Erasing everything of mine
Look around and you will see
That nothing now belongs to me..

Or never did
As behind various roles I hid
But cancelled these are now
Having long taken my final bow…

Though questions for me still remain
Teasing at my tortured brain
Did I do enough of this and that?
Was my weave just senseless tat?

Self-doubt seems wherever you look
The confident, the proud, in every nook
Our history shaped by what we’ve done
Put it aside and have some fun.

Attempting this time of life to enjoy
Not seeking out the latest toy
Building depth in what you’ve gained
Not just acting as you’ve been trained.

So, cancellation may not be a bad thing
Looking back on what to bring
Into another stage of life
Only certain there’s sure to be strife

Brian Matthews, 28-2-23

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