Words to share on Happy FM (90.1) with Jan Potter, 7th June 2022

Audio of the conversation

Losing Yourself
A common thing to do
Losing yourself in fiction
Maybe a good book
A TV series or movie.

Sometimes it’s a time-killer
Others a mask for pain
Living for a time so brief
Disconnected from harsh reality.

Fantastic plots flow steadily
From creative minds the globe around
People who take the little and big
Shaping these into entertainment.

Behind the smoke and mirrors
The world continues to spin
The mundane slowly unfolding
Amidst too many unwanted endings.

But all will gradually appear
Time never static
Laughing and peals of joy
Despair and buckets of tears.

From strong emotions we hide
When our frail vessel shudders
Seeking more palatable possibilities
Or just enjoying the game of it all.

Once roving storytellers filled this need
Now books and streaming services provide
The human need for alternative stories
Ever present in our makeup.

Brian Matthews, 30-4-22

A Delightful Spot
A campsite cleared
A swamp hen foraging
Another joins it
Maybe small scraps left

And then there are three
Too much foraging for scraps
Maybe insects come to the surface
Under protection of tents.

An area full of bird life
Shallow water and reeds
For safety and breeding frogs
And other creatures birds eat.

Such a delightful spot
Overlooking the quiet waters
Houses nestled nearby
Caravan park surveying all.

Now five swamp hens
Diligently working the ground
Bird calls all around
Swooshing of a car nearby.

Adults reading in the sun
Dogs seeking the shade
Resting after morning walks
Another person strolling by.

No jarring sounds now
Mowing having ceased
A pleasant gentle breeze
Soothing all troubles away.

Brian Matthews, 10-5-22

Alexa’s Twelve
Another year passed
Now at the end of the tweens
Still a young girl
But a young woman soon.

I remember the little bundle
Held carefully in my arms
The smiles and gurgles
The laughs and the cries.

But time overtakes all
Growth spurts shooting forth
The language developing
The personality unfolding.

Now cartwheels aplenty
Conversation tripping forth
Interests ever growing
Friendships carefully nurtured.

I wish you a happy year
Full of joyful exploration
Surrounded by love
Seeking life’s path.

Brian Matthews, 11-5-22

Seeking peace
The stomach churns
The mind won’t settle
The mood so flat.

How to find a place
Of comfort and joy
Seems an impossible task.

Yet it should not be so
Surrounded by those I love
Grandchildren waiting to play.

Shake yourself firmly
Take a step forward
I say to myself.

Spectres lurking in the mist
Of a mind overwrought with pain
Fearing a future unwanted.

It does little good to catastrophise
But it seems so hard to not
Emotions respond poorly to logic.

A way ahead needed
No one can help with this
Kind words poor comfort.

So many in this world
Worse off and suffering
Yet I churn in pain.

It seems so self-indulgent
And writing this helps
Lifts my mood a little.

While my grandchildren play
Quietly drawing and colouring
In their own way aware.

Waiting for Pop to settle
Engaging themselves in a task
Knowing I will return.

Brian Matthews, 21/5/22

Friends and Family
Such a special time
Visits from family
Or long-standing friends.

The latter so often
More like family than friends
Shared history so important.

Memories cheerfully shared
Of happenings so long ago
Events that tie and bind.

New memories being created
At this time now shared
Special meals a common bond.

Talk of relationships unknown
Clarifying the how and where
Filling in important pieces.

And then the time to go comes
Sadly joyful moments these
Hopeful that all will meet again.

Knowing that whatever happens
These are special people
Who celebrate and validate.

Farewell to our special visitors
May your travels go well
Our futures firmly intertwined.

Brian Matthews, 23/5/22

Living Hell
Life throws curve balls
Of that we can be sure
A straightforward trajectory
Converted into something much trickier.

And for those living these times
It can truly feel like living hell,
Expecting a particular path
But swerves and bumps appear.

Asking so many questions
But the answers remain unclear
Mapping a way ahead carefully
Only to run into the undergrowth.

Platitudes trip off our tongues
To help others accept this vagary
Sounding very hollow to those
Who live this experience.

And yet battle on we must
Waving a white flag not the answer
Though times do come
When there is no other option.

For now those most affected
Modify goals to avoid potholes
Band together for support
Hoping for a better outcome.

Brian Matthews, 28/5/22

The Joy Within
We often need to be reminded
Of the joy within
When the days are darkest
Slivers of light do appear.

There can be no pleasure
When there is never pain
Rejoice in the glimmers we must
Even when these are quickly extinguished.

A smile glows in the darkness
A laugh expands the heart
People play in the sun
Though clouds loom on the horizon.

As humans we search for reasons
Though these do not always appear
Some events seemingly random
Trite answers we need to abandon.

Words are often used to fill the holes
Created by chance
An attempt to gain meaning
In the face of bitterness.

Shouting at the clouds rarely helps
Other than venting some emotions
But, at times, it’s all you can do
This we see and universally accept.

Then, maybe, in those little things
We can for a moment rejoice
Reminded that all is not dark
A glow still exists for us all.

Brian Matthews, 28/5/22

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