Being Houseproud

This is something we can all make a difference with. I understand the concerns when people post of rubbish discarded, but if we each put a bit more effort into collecting stray garbage (rather than complaining) our environment would be so much better. That stray cup or wrapper we walk past with censuring thoughts; so easy to pick it up. Take little steps and the outcome can be amazing. …. Rave follows

Having car serviced in Morphett Vale, went for walk, discovered a skate park, rubbish everywhere, fast food stuff, car advertising, mainly. Found a big plastic bag, picked up everything I could find. Put it in the bin – totally filled it. The park remained much cleaner for months. The cleaner a place, the less likely people will discard things, thoughtlessly….

Similar thing at Carrickalinga lookout. Took an hour there and no bin so had to take to Myponga but …

I suggest we adopt the world and think this is a wonderful initiative 😀

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