Sam’s 37

The birthday of a son,
No longer a child
And not so for many years,
Brings cause to pause
Reflect on what he’s become.

A husband and father
Of two chips off the block
As are all little ones
Drawing on genetic memory
Aided by the experiences you’d rather.

The curiosity of the child
Morphing into enthusiasm of youth
Facing the challenges of the day
Exploring and contributing
Soon leaving behind the wild.

A child never leaves the heart
Of a parent invested in
The happiness of their offspring
Knowing not what the future brings
But sure that you will be apart.

Life cannot be lived through children
Or grandchildren for a fact
Evolve and develop they surely will
Moving in directions unseen
With motivation from you hidden.

Not because they rail against you,
Though that can be a thing
But more because they need agency,
Different hills and valleys to explore,
So they can have their novel view.

Brian Matthews

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