Self Compassion

To be finally confronted

With that so long avoided

To find warmth and depth.

So long it eluded me

Hid behind rigid patterns

Of thought and action.

No longer!

I can see it within

It is me.

The childhood lessons

Entrenched unwittingly

By those doing their best.

Some of the demons

I don’t have,

Others writhe intensely.

But inside resides

A good person

With strengths and faults.

No need to be perfect

Though that was long abandoned

Just need to be present.

No need to be everything

To others and not self

For you are important.

Not a pretty sight

When self importance

Becomes all there is.

But that is not

The struggle of most

Who fail at acceptance of the ordinary.

And not only accept.

Revel in the joy

Of going to the shops.

Meeting and connecting

So many ways to do this

But always be there.

Not lost in a role

Mask firmly in place

Keeping others away.

“What others think

Is none of your business”,

A wise person said.

Being yourself and happy

With this state of affairs

Easily stated, difficult to achieve.

Comfort with yourself

Who you are and where you fit

The essence of joy.

Brian Matthews


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