Sharing Thoughts

Reviewing some recent poems, and liked this one, though mystified as to why sometimes the formatting remains when I copy and paste, and other times not.

Communication, such an important thing, so rarely done well, particularly the listening part…

Sharing Thoughts

Heart on the sleeve

Has problems for all

As observers stand by

Waiting for the fall.

Honesty can be

Weakness and strength

Emotions transparent

Showing the depth

Of feeling shown

Or thoughts stirring

Few barriers up

Emotions showing.

Responding to others

Only when safe

Makes certain sense

That’s for sure.

Letting ideas build

With onlookers nought

Gives that safety

So often sought.

Sharing with others

Has however huge gain

The thoughts in the mind

Do not often remain.

Open to examination

By friends and others

Rarely are remaining

Self reinforcing rumination

It is not though

For those fragile

In danger of comment

Declaring them puerile.

But vulnerability itself

Can be such a strength

Allowing the audience

To leap to defence

Or help to clarify

Thoughts which swirl

And so I think

Best give it a burl.

In the modern era

So easily done

Opinions can flow

Barriers to none.

But casually many sit

On that wide fence

Allowing only others

To contribute their pence

Content though they are

To shoot others down

And make opaque comments

Ensuring others frown.

But many there are

Who have deep thought

But not confident are

To have these outside brought.

To those I say loudly

Your ideas I want to hear

Especially from those

Who to me are dear.

Hide not away

Your deep cogitation

Shout from the tree tops

Inform our nation.

For too often it seems

Shallowness so often heard

Resound through the streets

Like an unformed turd.


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