Reviewing some of my poems

Have been asked to do a poetry reading on 90.1 Happy FM at Victor Harbor to read the male part of a poem called ‘The King and Siren’ by Ella Wheeler Wilcox but was invited to offer a saying or quotation and a few of my own poems. There are many of both I could do and still haven’t finally chosen (it’s only tomorrow morning 😉) but did find the following that explains why I write poetry…


I previously thought

That poetry was a plaything,

Something written in idle moments,

Containing homilies and cliches.

Thus, I did not share

My ditties and scribblings,

But I have now found

That phrases with others resound.

I was always aware, though,

Of the power of words constrained,

By the power of the medium,

The importance of brevity.

Words are so reinforcing

That we often share too much,

Convinced of their importance

Ignoring the strength of concepts.

How long should this poem be?

I often ask myself

But the length establishes itself

Once the message unfolds.

I know little of the frameworks

That experts in poetry demand,

Terms for different types of rhymes,

And all the necessary underpinnings.

But joy they bring me

As I so blithely write,

Expressing thoughts that

Otherwise would remain silent.

I hope others enjoy my offerings

Though this is not my main aim

For generally my main goal

Is the decluttering of my brain.


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