A friend in Another Place

Don’t we all think others are one course’ and it’s only us who’ve lost it?

Six Crooked Highways

Other people always seem on course,

Full Ahead to somewhere on the Sea of Life.

I am forever losing the compass

and forgetting how to drop anchor,

permanently adrift in an Other Place.

Occasionally I see harbour lights beckon

but their beams wax and wane in the fog of novelty.


I’ve decided,

they’re probably home to the Pirates,

the Pirates of Love.

I am better off out here alone,

amidst the rocks and icebergs and whirlpools.

But I still need essential supplies

and I have nothing to trade,

except for some shells which,

when placed against the ear,

whisper cryptic messages

from an Other Place,

just in case

other people

are in an Other Place


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Old Men Cry Easily

A song in this vein

Made me think

It is true old men

Wear their hearts on sleeves.

So many regrets

About opportunities missed

Loves sadly lost

Communication so incomplete.

Women on the other hand

Share so much of themselves

Letting others know

About feelings so deep.

Wondering why it is

That men struggle so much

When all they need to do

Is say what they think.

Or more of what they feel

So early this quashed

By those unwilling to acknowledge

The depths that exist.

For men have places

Unseen so often

Faces rarely shown

Ideas that might resonate.


The Waiting

A vigil of sorts

Waiting for the operation

Trying to reassure

Her thirst unrelenting.

As blood sugar level drops

Confusion more evident

Drifting in and out

Of unsettled sleep.

The hands crocheting

A task no longer possible

Searching for a scissors

To cut an errant thread.

Times of lucidity

Quickly dissolving away

But still worried about me

Time wasted waiting with her.

The time moves on

Passing for me in a blur

Knowing that this may be

My last time with her.

After eight long hours

The advice is received

No operation today

Emergencies took priority.

Happy at last to drink

And eat a small meal

Me hoping that tomorrow

This will not be repeated.

But the phone call came

Explaining the risks ahead

The operation to begin

Uncertainty begins again.