Poetry – A mix of things

A Paradox
Why is it that people can be
So nasty to those so close?
Treating them as though
They are responsible for all that ails them.
It is clear that we all have anger
Against those who’ve hurt us,
And the maladies that pursue us
As we wend our way through life.
But anger unresolved spills out
Embroiling those who are innocent,
Those who stand firmly by us
As the arrows fall from the sky.
These are the only people
Who do not run from the missiles,
Building bunkers to protect,
Safe places to lay your head.
And yet for some this is ignored,
Preferring to turn the handle,
Churning their loved one’s emotions,
Abusing the clear concern shown.
Where does this come from,
And why abuse those who care?
A childish response this is
That wears away at self esteem.
Doubts are raised and shared,
Friends and family can give advice,
Dealing with it rests with those affected,
Solutions can only be found in honesty.