COVID-19 Poetry

A reminder

What we needed
Was a reminder about hygiene
Thus COVID-19


The Virus

The virus spreads,

And panic starts,

Economies turn and tumble.

Our most vulnerable at risk,

But no one really safe,

Who would have thought this?

Apocalyptic future a common theme,

With the assumption of virulent plague,

And yet even low death rates smite us.

How fragile our new world is,

With most dependent on the status quo,

Any disruption can have devastating effects.

There is no going back,

Returning to the time before,

Our bed has been made and in it we sleep.

To me the message is clear,

Our lives must not depend,

On massive consumption and profit.

Growth must be constrained,

Limits placed on exploitation of others,

Socially responsible development and change.

Leadership is needed for this to happen,

Yet in so many countries this is lacking,

With eyes locked on profit and economics.

Within all of this people squabble,

So many not listening to others,

Merely repeating their long held mantras.

A world divided by ‘isms’

Cannot lead us in a direction true,

Empathy for others is needed.

Where are the charismatic and genuine leaders,

Who will help us this corner turn?

In the far South and North it seems.

How can we import these values,

To make us embrace our similarities,

And give genuine respect to our differences.